Pre-Approved for a FHA Mortgage

FHA Mortgage

There are many reasons why consumers are choosing to get a FHA mortgage over a conforming loan when looking to buy a home. We can help you get a pre-approval on a FHA mortgage quickly so you can make a credible offer on home you are interested in. Sellers want to see offers from potential buyers that have already been pre-approved from a lender that can perform.

Talk with Lenders that Provide Pre-Approval Letters for FHA Mortgages

Getting a pre-approved FHA mortgage is a good call, because, most realtors and sellers know that government mortgage programs are more likely to be approved because the down-payment requirements are significantly less. We suggest that you speak with a loan officer prior to actually making a bid on a home, because with a pre-approval letter you will get proof that you are approved for a specific amount to borrow from a credible FHA lender.