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Home Purchase Loans with FHA First Time Buyer Programs

We are a FHA mortgage company that promises reduced cost purchase loans for all types of home buying borrowers. The Federal Housing Administration has been insuring FHA purchase loans for decades. This promotes confidence in the housing sector as FHA is a great financing choice for new and experienced homebuyers. With a home purchase from FHA you only need to come up with a little bit of money to qualify for a purchase loan that the Federal Housing Administration insures. HUD even allows these funds can come from a gift source. Let's be honest, 3.5% down home loans will always be attractive because it's a clear path to homeownership for the average consumer in the United States.

Another reason consumer like FHA for financing a home is that in most cases you closing cost will be lower than a conforming loan and in many cases; HUD allows the cost of financing to be rolled into the loan. The FHA home buying mortgage has helped millions of people in residing in the United States convert from renter to home owner with affordable low cost housing opportunities.

FHA Purchase Loan Demand Increasing

The demand for FHA loans diminished quite a bit when housing prices shot past higher than the FHA maximum loan limits and further diminished when subprime lenders popped up offering loans at low teaser rates that made the mortgage payments on these higher-priced homes more affordable by means of creative financing. But, borrowers were left holding the bag with skyrocketing mortgage payments when their loan rates reset. Then, foreclosures started happening at such a rapid rate that it's now reached epidemic proportions.