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Cash Out Refinance Loans

FHA now allows cash out refinance loans to ninety five percent loan to value. FHA borrowers can use the cash for home repairs, financing college or refinancing high rate bills.

Most traditional lenders can only get you access to cash with refinancing at seventy five or eighty percent loan to value. FHA Mortgage Loan Company specializes in government refinance loans that create opportunities for home remodeling or combining 1st and 2nd loans together.

If you have at least 15% equity in your residence, you may be eligible for a cash out mortgage that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration. FHA accepts home loans for cash out up to 85% Loan to Value.

The Senate bill would require HUD to consolidate its lending guidelines and procedures for lenders to cut down confusion, while giving HUD new tools to hold lenders accountable for making bad home loans.
Senate and HUD Talking About New FHA Rules.