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FHA offers First Time Home Buyer Loans

The FHA Mortgage Loan Company offers 3% down home loans to qualified borrowers who can provide full income documentation. These purchase loans allow borrowers to finance nearly 97% of the purchase price. The Federal Housing Administration enables consumers to get approved for a FHA house loan with only a 3.5% down payment. The FHA also allows first time home buyers to use gift funds from family or friends as long as the financial assistance can be documented.

Home financing took a hit in 2008 with most conventional lenders, but our FHA home financing team continues to provide unparalleled home loans. It has been widely reported that the US real estate market hasn't struggled this month since the Great Depression, but the government continues to pump money into the marketplace. One of the positive of the stimulus is the lowest FHA interest rates ever recorded.

Buy a Home with a 3% Down Mortgage Insured by the FHA

The Federal Housing Administration has bolstered their suite of home loan programs and kept their famous 3% down mortgage loan alive. Several times over the last decade, Congress has considered bills to raise the down-payment requirements on government insured loans to 5%, but fortunately they have kept the down-payment guidelines at 3.5% for existing and first time home buyers. .