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Interest rates fluctuate daily, so make sure you stay up to date with the current FHA mortgage rates. Whether you are considering buying a house or refinancing your existing home loan, today's FHA mortgage rates are volatile, just like any other loan program is affected by the market. If you have the ability to save money by refinancing, we recommend getting approved and then locking at the current FHA rate before it rises.

Would a Lower Fixed Interest Rate for Thirty-Years Help Your Bottom Line?

If you are home buying we also suggest that you take your pre-approval to the next level with an interest rate lock. If you have the house picked out and you're going into escrow there is no reason why you would not want to lock the current FHA mortgage rate. If you are pleased with the current FHA rates, then locking the interest rate will protect you against rising rates that could significantly affect the affordability.

FHA Mortgage Rate

Choose from 15, and 30-year fixed rate terms. The 3/1 and 5/1 ARM's are also popular providing fixed rates for 3 and 5 years at a reduced monthly payment.

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Working with the Best FHA Lenders Usually Translates to the Getting the Best FHA Rate

At the FHA Mortgage Loan Company, our team of licensed loan officers is always striving to get you the lowest FHA rates possible. We are proud to post today's FHA rates because they remain at the lowest levels in the industry because we don't pad our rate sheets. We offer quotes at no cost so you can compare interest rates, closing costs and FHA lenders. While the current rates have been increasing, there is still great pricing and low FHA interest rates available to qualified applicants. Take advantage of our loan consultation that can help with added insight for refinancing or home buying.