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30-Year FHA Mortgage Rate

30-Year FHA Mortgage
30-Year FHA Mortgage Loans Are Affordable

The 30-year FHA mortgage rate continues to be the most requested interest rate online. Borrowers who are buying a home like the 30-year FHA mortgage because it only requires a 3.5% down-payment. The credit guidelines are also more forgiving the conventional loans, so FHA financing makes sense. Loan applicants also like the 30-year FHA mortgage because it is more affordable than the 15-year term and FHA mortgage rates have declined to record lows.

Borrowers who are refinancing like the 30-year FHA mortgage rates because there is no pre-payment penalty for selling or refinancing your home. In addition, FHA refinance guidelines are more flexible with equity than traditional loan programs.

The 30-Year FHA Mortgage Rates Rise and then Drop Again!

Once again, the Federal Reserve cut key interest rates in an effort to stimulate the slumping housing sector of the United States. The 30-year FHA mortgage rate is popular because it is affordable and the easily accessible. We have seen the bond market bouncing around and this has made locking15 and 30 year FHA rates more challenging than in previous months. With the housing market showing more positive signs of a recovery, we anticipate to see a trend of climbing interest rates. Today, the sense of urgency is great than ever to get approved for an affordable 30-year mortgage insured by the FHA.

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