15-Year FHA Mortgage Rate

15-Year Loan
Cut Years Off Your Loan with a 15-Year Loan

One of our most popular loan programs is the 15 year FHA mortgage rate. Borrowers like 15-year FHA mortgage, because the rates are lower than the 30-year loans and the ability to own your home outright in fifteen years is very attractive to some people. 15 year rates have dipped to 2.875% for the first time since FHA was created in 1934.

The first step in the process is getting qualified. The 15-year FHA mortgage requires more income than the 30-year mortgage, because the monthly payment is higher. The other benefit of the 15-year FHA mortgage loan is that there is no mortgage insurance if you are under 90% loan to value.

15-Year FHA Loan Rates Are Lower!

At the FHA Mortgage Loan Company, our experienced licensed loan officers offer great service and free consultations. Our team can help you compare 15 and 30-year loan options so you make a sound decision refinancing or home buying.